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Stevia rebaudiana (Sugar Plant or Sweet Herb of Paraguay)

Stevia rebaudiana (Sugar Plant or Sweet Herb of Paraguay)

Tender PerennialCulinary view key

Height: 2'
Aspect: Shade
Soil Type: Moist
Uses: Culinary


The famous sugar plant is ideal for those watching their sugar intake. There are different ways in which to use this plant. 1. Dry the leaves in the sun and then chop/grind them. Use this for a mild sweet taste. 2. Steep chopped/crushed leaves in a cup of warm water, leave overnight and use the resultant 'syrup'. Use this method for a medium sweet taste. 3. Steep chopped/crushed leaves in a saucepan containing alcohol (highest proof as possible). Leave overnight then add water and simmer until the alcohol is removed and use the resultant syrup. Use this method for the sweetest taste (up to 200 times a s sweet as sugar. Prevent this plant from flowering or the sugar content can diminish. Treat as a very tender perennial and in winter, bring inside the house and leave on a windowsill.

This plant is grown in a 4" (10cm) pot. It is ready to be placed (weather permitting) into it's final position. You will receive an instruction label which gives you further cultural instructions.

Usually available: March to September

Note: If the Plant is in season but not in stock it may be available in small quantities. please contact us for stock. Read more on availability here....

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